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Why You Need Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

The cleanliness of your home affects your everyday life. Even the most diligent homeowner can find it difficult to keep hard-to-clean belongings free from pet dander, dirt, and other debris that settles into area rugs. It can also be difficult to find rug cleaning services that remove the deeply embedded debris instead of just completing a surface clean. When you are exploring your options for rug cleaning companies, make sure you find someone who is experienced and professional, such as a technician from Steamatic of the Red River Valley. Instead of attempting a do-it-yourself area rug cleaning that can be time-consuming and a literal pain in your back, you can save time and energy by calling on a professional.

Benefits of Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

Finding the perfect area rug can transform the look of your room. It can define a space, add textural dimension, and add color where needed. Once you find the perfect piece to complete your space, maintaining the look of a brand new rug is just as important. In addition to regular vacuuming and spot-treating your rug, periodic professional area rug cleanings can help your item look as good as new for a longer time.

Some homeowners decide to clean rugs by purchasing or renting equipment and attempting a DIY method. This can be useful, as long as you don’t have any set-in stains or dirt. DIY rug cleaning often pushes grime deeper into the rug instead of lifting it out, causing future problems to arise. Professional rug cleaning companies have specialized equipment and techniques that can increase the longevity of your area rug and keep it looking nicer for longer. There are many benefits to getting a professional cleaning instead of trying to do it yourself.

It’s More Hygienic Than DIY

Vacuuming your area rugs and carpets removes the surface dust, dirt, and debris that build-up due to day-to-day use. Some of this debris is visible, while others are small enough to overlook and are only noticeable if they build up significantly. Unfortunately, vacuuming and spot-cleaning only do not disinfect and remove germs like a professional cleaning. When your technician cleans your area rug, you not only receive debris removal but also receive a cleaning that disinfects deep into the fibers, eliminating the germs that cause odor and discoloration. Professional technicians have access to commercial-grade products and equipment that provide visible results and a deeper clean than is possible with over-the-counter products and outdated rental equipment.

Less Worry About Allergens

When homeowners reach out to rug cleaning companies to inquire about a deep clean, allergies are one of the most common reasons. Allergies are common, especially when it comes to pet dander, fur, dust, and mold. It’s easy to sweep or vacuum away some of these allergens, but area rugs can trap these particles into the fibers, allowing them to settle in deeply. No matter how frequently you clean your home, if you notice that your allergies are still a problem while you are inside, it may be time to consider an area rug cleaning.

Your professional technician uses products that cause the fibers of your rug to release the allergen particles so they can be easily vacuumed away. If you have a condition that makes you particularly sensitive to allergens, it is even more vital for you to schedule routine professional area rug cleanings.

Prevent Pests Like Dust Mites and Bedbugs

No one wants to think about the possibility of insects in your home. Still, even the most diligent housekeeper can have difficulty getting rid of them when they settle into the fibers of area rugs and carpets. Dust mites are common in carpeted areas because rugs offer them a safe place to settle down and hide. Residential-grade vacuums can pick up anything that is hanging out near the surface of the fibers or just below, but may not be strong enough to capture everything settled in deep. Individuals or families with pets may have problems with other insects, such as fleas, that can hide out in carpet fibers. Even a bedbug infestation can be more difficult to remove unless professional-strength equipment and products are brought in for heavy-duty cleaning.

Your Carpet’s Life Will Be Prolonged

When you choose a carpet or area rug for your home, you are making a large investment. As with any investment, you want the product to last as long as possible. The best way to keep your area rugs in great shape is to perform regular and correct maintenance on them. This means keeping them vacuumed regularly and treating any stains that occur with a product and method that do not damage the fibers. It also means you should enlist the help of professional area rug services to perform periodic deep cleanings. Attempting your own deep cleaning can damage your rugs, making early replacement a possibility. Using a professional company with an excellent reputation means you don’t have to worry about damage to your belongings. Instead, you can extend the life of your carpet even beyond its original longevity estimate.

Every Stain Will Be Removed

Removing stains from carpets and rugs can be difficult, depending on the type of stain and how long it has settled in. Some residential-grade carpet cleaners can appear to remove stains when they actually remove them from the surface of the fibers only, leaving the remnants of the stain deeply embedded. These rise to the surface over time and the stain visibly reappears. Professional cleaners can attack the stain to the deepest part of the fibers, removing the problem permanently and leaving behind a refreshed and almost-new rug.


Cleaning an area rug properly takes experience and professional-grade products. When you choose a professional rug cleaning service, the technicians handle every part of the process, giving you peace of mind and convenience that you don’t experience when you try to accomplish it yourself.

Steamatic of the Red River Valley For Area Rug Cleaning

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