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Steamatic of The Red River Valley Is the Leader in General Contract Cleaning

The Steamatic of The Red River Valley’s name is famous in commercial cleaning for one reason: uncompromising service. We’ve been providing commercial clients money-saving and asset-protecting services for over five decades. We are committed to offering customers the most innovative equipment and distinctive services in the industry.
Steamatic of The Red River Valley
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Choose the Commercial Cleaning Experts in Fargo

For the best commercial cleaning, it’s important to select a company that combines decades of experience with the latest cleaning technology. At Steamatic of The Red River Valley, we have an amazing reputation for quality, honesty, flexibility, and attention to detail. We go above and beyond what’s required to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re the most trusted name for cleaning services in Fargo, ND.

Discover Our Total Commercial Cleaning Services

Every business is unique, but all companies want to make an incredible first impression. To ensure your business shines, you need maintenance professionals who can handle every aspect of commercial cleaning. Our team leaves corporate facilities absolutely spotless and fresh smelling:

Watch as bathrooms sparkle like never before with in-depth tile and grout cleaning. As experts in granite flooring, stone, and travertine, we make your corporate entryway look brilliantly gorgeous. From top to bottom, commercial spaces are completely transformed.

Choose Cleaning Professionals with Expertise in Every Industry

Our team has extensive experience with the unique cleaning needs of a wide variety of industries. Whether you require lightning speed, deep cleaning, total disinfection, or certified HVAC services, we deliver the results you expect. We handle cleaning jobs in Fargo, ND, of any size, including small businesses and massive educational centers.

    • Restaurants and bakeries
    • Health care facilities
    • Corporate offices
    • Supermarkets
    • Factories
    • Multi-housing facilities
    • Schools and universities
    • Banks

Professional cleaning can eliminate viruses and bacteria, get rid of built-up dirt, and restore the attractive appearance of your business. From handling cleaning during off-hours to following required industry cleaning protocols (such as for hospitals and nursing facilities), we adapt completely to your business.

Enjoy the Benefits of Expert Cleaning Services Fargo, ND

If you’re going to do something, it pays to do it right. Giving your business the best commercial cleaning services provides countless benefits.

    • Amazing Customer Comfort: A fresh-smelling, dust-free building has a positive effect on your clients. Clean and beautiful flooring can help shoppers relax and stimulate additional purchases.
    • Excellent Employee Health: Eliminating viruses and maintaining surfaces clean is one of the best practices for keeping your employees happy, healthy, and productive. Getting rid of grease buildup in a restaurant, for example, can reduce workplace accidents.
    • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Taking care of your facility’s HVAC system is just as important for good respiratory health. We’re certified for the maintenance and cleaning of HVAC units and ductwork.
    • Immaculate Building Appearance: The first thing people notice when approaching your business is the cleanliness of windows, exteriors, and entryway surfaces. Pristine carpets in a bank speak to professionalism and trustworthiness.
    • Long-Term Surface Protection: Our team goes beyond simply cleaning surfaces. We’re also proactive. We often recommend sealing carpeting, upholstery, and flooring. That way, surfaces look stunning longer and resist wear and tear better.

Our professionals are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for every project. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency cleaning. Whether an important client is coming on short notice or a contractor didn’t clean up properly after renovations, we can help.

Experience Customized Cleaning Solutions

At Steamatic of The Red River Valley, we tailor our cleaning services to your specific needs. This includes offering detailed quotes for single projects, recurring cleaning services, and complete packages for every part of your business.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we take the time to visit you instead of handling quotes over the phone. This gives us an opportunity to meet you and understand exactly what you’re looking for. Our experts also perform a preliminary check to provide you with an accurate project quote.

This kind of professionalism allows you to balance your cleaning budget with the desired results perfectly. Once you’re satisfied with the proposed cleaning solutions, we follow the agreement to the letter, delivering amazing commercial cleaning services on time and with impeccable quality.

You want to maintain a clean, healthy space for your customers and employees. At Steamatic of the Red River Valley, we provide expert commercial cleaning services that ensure a safe work environment. You will save money and time while maintaining and protecting your investment in your property with our innovative industrial cleaning solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team in Fargo, ND, provides top-quality cleaning services using the latest tools and technology. Our experienced professionals hold themselves accountable to ensure your property is gleaming. We are reliable and responsive and adhere to the highest customer service standards. We plan our cleaning schedule around your needs, so we work during convenient times for your business. We also offer a 24-hour emergency response service for any unexpected events that may arise.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Fargo, ND

Our staff has the experience, cleaning supplies, and equipment to ensure your office building is clean and safe. We have everything needed to guarantee our services uphold the highest standard of cleanliness. Our cleaning experts provide the following cleaning and disinfection services for businesses:

Fargo, ND Carpet Cleaning Services

Your facility needs professional carpet cleaning to maintain a professional atmosphere. Commercial environments have high traffic areas that can gather tracked-in dirt, leading to visible spots and wear on the carpeting. At Steamatic of the Red River Valley, our staff pays close attention to these areas, taking extra time and care to make sure they are entirely clean.

Fargo, ND Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Services

Most commercial properties have various floor types. Hardwood, tile, and other flooring materials can show the effects of high traffic, too. Steamatic of Fargo has the latest equipment and cleaning products to clean, disinfect, and beautify your hard surfaces.

Fargo, ND HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning Services

Your HVAC system circulates air throughout your building for the comfort of your employees and customers. Ensure the air quality in your business is free of pollen, dirt, and contaminants with our professional cleaning technology. We remove debris from your ductwork and coils so your system runs efficiently and your air is clean. Sign up for our regular maintenance program to extend the life of your system and keep the premises free of airborne contaminants.

Fargo, ND Furniture Cleaning Services

Many people use the furnishings in your place of business daily. This high traffic can cause your furniture to become dirty and dull. Refresh your seating with a professional cleaning by Steamatic of the Red River Valley.

    • We can clean your draperies and furnishings in place, meaning less hassle for you
    • We use a hot-water extraction system to clean durable fabric upholstery
    • We take special care of any delicate fabrics and may need to clean them at our facility

We recommend you have your furniture professionally cleaned every six months. This consistent schedule will extend the life of your items. You will always have a clean, inviting, and professional space.

The Steamatic Commercial Cleaning Company Difference

Our team of professional cleaners has the expertise to ensure you get the best quality service in the industry. We provide:

    • Customized cleaning solutions that fit your needs and your schedule
    • Streamlined cleaning and disinfecting to ensure your business stays spotless
    • Trustworthy and efficient services that save you time and money
    • Protection from harmful contaminants, germs, and bacteria, reducing employee sick time and creating a healthy environment for your clients
    • Expertly trained and experienced cleaners for all your cleaning jobs
    • Advanced technology, cleaning equipment, and systems to provide a top-quality experience
    • Responsive, respectful, and reliable service

Steamatic of Fargo provides your company with innovative cleaning systems, up-to-date technology, and unparalleled customer service for a clean, healthy workplace. Our commitment to maintaining consistent training and adherence to industry standards makes us the number one authority in the commercial cleaning business.

The Steamatic Difference

Superior Service: At Steamatic of The Red River Valley, we believe the job is never complete until the customer is 100% satisfied. Plus, with our array of cleaning and restoration services, we offer the benefits of several contractors all in one convenient, experienced and professional source.

50+ Years of Experience: Our expertise is like money in the bank to our clients. From routine carpet maintenance to HVAC system cleaning, to the detailed restoration of delicate fabrics and furniture, there is no cleaning challenge we haven’t solved.

No-Nonsense Professionalism: The team at Steamatic of Red River Valley is committed to responsive, courteous, reliable service. We are on call 24 hours a day and will schedule your work when it’s convenient for you. We promise you will be 100% satisfied.

Total Commercial Cleaning Solutions: Carpet Cleaning, HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning, Tile Cleaning Power Washing, Window Cleaning, and Commercial Maintenance Programs.

Maria Hoffman
Maria Hoffman
Mike was a hard worker, skilled, and motivated to get our ducts as clean as possible. He was also friendly and helpful. A great experience
Christi Bakke
Christi Bakke
The air duct cleaning service was fantastic. They did an exceptional job and even able to show me a lot of pictures. I was so happy with the service that I even scheduled air duct cleaning for my daughter. One very small hole to access my air ducts, and it was perfect.
Vanessa Kuntz
Vanessa Kuntz
Would highly recommend Steamatic for your duct cleaning. Mike was very thorough and did an amazing job. Great customer service!
Tj Hoeper
Tj Hoeper
We had a very nice, thorough gentleman named Mike come to our rental through our land lord Josh Navirtil. We needed our ducts cleaned in our basement apartment. The first thing he did was pet our lab. He made sure us ladies knew everything he was doing and showed us pictures before and after. He was very pleasant as well with us. Very well rounded and knowledgeable down to earth guy. He's definitely an asset to your company. Thank you 😊
Peyton Narum
Peyton Narum
The guys were friendly and efficient. Showed us how our ducts looked before and after and asked if we had any questions. Great job
Really awesome work. Service tech was really great and very helpful.
Fred Desmarais
Fred Desmarais
Everything went as planned and they even showed up early. The technician did a great job.
Joan Carson
Joan Carson
Great customer service. He explained the process and answered my questions.

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