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Electronics Restoration in Fargo

Elevated moisture levels can be highly destructive to electronic equipment even without direct water damage. The aggressive effects of smoke, soot, moisture and other contaminates can also be devastating to these devices if proper professional action is not taken. Quick response is key to returning electronics, magnetic and optical media and hard drives to a pre-loss condition.



Water is devastating to electronics. They can cause short circuits leading to malfunction, damage to individual parts, or fires. Secondary damage can occur when corrosion sets in after the electronics have been exposed to water from floods, fire extinguishers, spillage, or dropping it into pools or toilets. When metal encounters water and oxygen, iron oxide forms, commonly known as rust.

At Steamatic of Fargo, we know what it takes to save electronics that have been exposed to water. Electronic restoration depends on controlling the humidity and temperature to preserve the integrity of the components and the data stored in them. Our talented team of electronics restoration experts is very experienced in recovering your waterlogged phones, computers, or equipment.


Overheating and wiring malfunctions are just some of the ways electronics fires can start. Of course, homes and businesses can have fires that start from a variety of reasons, and those fires can impact our personal computers, phones, servers, routers, cameras, and more. Heat, dust, debris, and other contaminants from the fire or fire suppression efforts can spell the end for personal devices and equipment exposed to it. At Steamatic of Fargo, our electronics restoration services can remove soot, dust, debris, and other contaminants associated with fires to save your valuable data and preserve your electronics.


Smoke from fires, cooking, or cigarettes can carry contaminants into your electronics via charging ports, vents, and other openings. A buildup of smoke can eventually interrupt normal functions and make your device work less effectively. It can prevent the device’s ability to eliminate heat buildup, which can cause overheating. The smoke residue can cause small electrical currents to be diverted, particularly in televisions, radios, and computers.

CD and DVD drives use small laser beams to read data on the surface of the disks. Smoke residue on the optics can cause stuttering, skipping, or freezing of audio or video. In some cases, the buildup can prevent the device from reading any data at all. At Steamatic of Fargo, our electronic restoration service technicians have the expertise to safely clean and restore your devices.


When anything is stored incorrectly in areas of high humidity, the chances of mold developing are a near certainty. When mold grows in electronic equipment, proper cleaning, combined with a thorough understanding of electronic equipment, can save your data and your device. Conversely, if someone attempts mold removal or remediation who doesn’t understand the corrosive effects of solvents or the intricate wiring in an electronic device, they can ruin it.  Steamatic of Fargo understands precisely what is required to remove mold from your electronics safely.

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