How Often Should You Deep Clean Carpets

How Often Should You Deep Clean or Shampoo Carpets?

Updated: May 14, 2024

Carpets are a great accent seen in most homes. They cushion feet when walking or standing and add character to a home. They can soften the features of a room or even sharpen them depending on their weave, hue, and overall shape. Children play on carpets, and pets prefer to nap on the rug. Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of footsteps are placed on a carpet, depending on where they are placed. Read about your Carpet Cleaning with Steamatic of Red River Valley.

So it is no wonder that carpet cleanliness is a serious concern. Carpets can be a clean, soft addition to your home or a grungy shelter for dust and dander. The only difference is how often you have the carpets cleaned.

How often should carpets be cleaned? We hope to answer that question and provide you with some excellent advice in this piece.

How Often Should I Get My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

In most cases, having carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months is recommended. Doing so ensures the safety of anyone or any pet coming into regular contact with the carpet and can extend its life. It could also breathe some new life into the rug or carpet you hold so dearly. Regular cleaning of your carpets will keep the colors vibrant and the fibers clean of dust or other buildup.

How often you shampoo carpets will determine whether they are fresh or contain old dirt and spills from years gone by. By deciding how often to clean carpets professionally, you can build a schedule that will keep your home beautiful and refreshing at all times.

Should Pets and Kids Factor Into How Often You Need to Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

A common concern is whether or not pets or children should influence your carpet cleaning schedule: Absolutely.

Pets and children not only increase the annual use of your carpet but can contribute toward the frequency of when cleaning is most needed.

Young children often play on the soft living room or playroom carpet, tracking dirt particles and other potential pollutants from their shoes onto said areas. As most children have a habit at young ages of putting their hands on the floor, then touching their faces, mouths, or food without thinking, the cleaner your carpet, the better it is for their health. You may have a similar concern for beloved family pets who often take their happiest naps on the carpet in your home.

Similarly, pets track anything they bring from the outside, such as dirt and mud. Even if it’s not noticeable initially, you might realize your favorite rug has lost its shine as time goes on. While the recommended period between cleanings is 12-18 months, children and pets may increase that frequency.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

When wondering how should carpets be cleaned, it might be natural to try your hand at it. You likely spot-treat stains and try to keep the carpet tidy. In doing so, be sure to avoid these common carpet-cleaning mistakes:

  • Scrubbing new stains with too much force
  • Infrequent vacuuming
  • Using the wrong products

Remember stains should be blotted, not scrubbed, and vacuuming is essential for picking up dust, allergens, and dander from the carpet fibers between cleanings. If you use cleaning products, look up the right ones for the fabric and dyes in your carpet.

But most importantly, it’s best to minimize the time between professional carpet cleanings.

Choose Steamatic of The Red River Valley For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having decades of experience with restoration, we are no strangers to carpet deep cleaning. We know that your carpet’s quality strongly influences your home’s quality. Did your house come carpeted, but it seems it was last cleaned years ago? Our professional carpet and area rug cleaning services can remove the aggressive effects of smoke and soot and have your carpet and rug looking as pristine as the day it was purchased.

Call Steamatic, and we will bring your carpet back to life with professional deep carpet cleaning services.

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