What does black mold look and smell like?

What does Black Mold Look and Smell Like?

We all know that black mold is hazardous—but what does black mold look like? Does mold have a smell? All homes have some degree of mold, especially in humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. While keeping that mold at controllable levels is important, it’s just as important to recognize which models are dangerous and relatively safe. At Steamatic of Red River Valley, we can help assess mold in your home and create a comprehensive plan to address black mold. Learn more about what it looks and smells like to know if you should give us a call.

The Scent of Black Mold

Does mold have a smell? Most molds smell when enough is present, but more dangerous molds often have a stronger scent. One strategy for how to know if you have black mold is to stay alert to the smell of black mold. Black mold smells musty (as most molds do) but also has a heavy, earthy scent that people describe as smelling like rotting vegetables. If parts of your home smell stale, musty, or even like sweaty socks, you may have black mold.

How to Identify the Odor of Black Mold

Pay attention to changing smells in areas vulnerable to black mold: basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. If you ventilate the area but still detect black mold smells, it may be time to call in a professional.

Of course, the smell of mold is just one option for identifying black bold—another is to look for it. But what does black mold look like? It is generally black, but it can also be gray, dark green, and dark brown. It also looks wet and shiny but still fuzzy. If you see black dots of fuzzy mold or it leaves green residue when you try to remove it, this might be toxic black mold.

What does harmless black mold look like? Relatively harmless black molds like Nigrospora can be fuzzy and dark but easy to clean. It also doesn’t smell strong.

Dealing With Black Mold

Black mold grows with moisture, such as water damage and leaks. Generally, it takes a while to get established, but it can grow quickly once it’s present. Depending on the severity of the mold, you can handle it yourself. A DIY vinegar-baking soda solution or chemical cleaners from a big box store can treat the area.

However, it comes back on porous surfaces like drywall. In that case, you will need a professional cleaning service to remediate the area, eliminate the mold, and repair the damage. Toxic black mold is dangerous for your health but can also damage any building materials it grows on, so acting fast is vital.

If you search for answers regarding “Does mold have a smell?” or “What does harmless black mold look like?” don’t wait to address the problem. You can clean the area yourself if it’s a small mold. Alternatively, purchase an air quality or mold test to determine if it’s a serious issue. But if the mold smell is strong or looks exactly like the images you see when you look up “What does black mold look like?,” don’t wait. Schedule an appointment with a professional mold remediation service before the problem grows.

Contact the Steamatic of Red River Valley

If you see black mold, there’s probably more growing out of sight. Black mold can travel across your home’s surfaces, move the air ducts, and become a serious respiratory concern. If you suspect you have black mold, contact Steamatic of Red River Valley today to schedule an assessment.

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