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The Best Methods for Cleaning Carpets & Area Rugs

Choosing attractive carpets and area rugs is a smart decision. Soft carpets are perfect for families, wowing company and helping you relax. Carpets add contemporary decor and elegance. Of course, to stay beautiful, every carpet needs cleaning from time to time. What’s the best carpet cleaning method for stunning home carpeting?

Different Carpet Cleaning Services

The best method to professionally clean carpets depends on your family’s needs. For example, a carpet where little kids and pets play around generally needs a deep cleaning to look like new again. First, let’s go over the different types of carpet cleaning methods.

1. Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

For many families, this is the best way to clean carpet. Hot water extraction applies high-temp water to the carpet using a special wand or rotary cleaner. Jets of hot water have amazing cleaning power, dissolving everything from dirt and mud to food particles and grease.

The great thing about steam cleaning and hot water extraction is that they reach deep into carpet fibers, completely getting rid of ground-in soils. Simultaneously, hot water and dirt are extracted away, leaving carpets fresh and clean. Fibers look rejuvenated and fluffy again.

2. Carpet Shampooing

The shampooing method loosens tough spots and traffic lanes using powerful detergents. A rotary brush gently scrubs carpet fibers to get them extra clean. The effect is similar to how your hair feels when you shampoo your hair. Afterward, the shampoo is extracted from the carpet, and everything is rinsed thoroughly.

3. Dry Cleaning for Carpets

Dry carpet cleaning provides a way to clean carpet fibers without using much water. This type of cleaning can get rid of dirt and grease without damaging fibers that are sensitive to moisture. It’s often used in small areas for stain cleaning but works for wall-to-wall carpeting, too. Spots such as markers or lipstick can also be removed with solvent-based products, similar to what dry cleaners use.

Dry carpet cleaning involves brushing a powdered detergent into carpet fibers. The detergent attracts soil and grease like a magnet. After gentle agitation and a short wait time, the powder is extracted along with the soil.

4. Foam Cleaning or Encapsulation

Encapsulation carpet cleaning requires applying a special type of cleaning solution. This product turns into an expanding foam that absorbs dirt and grease. Soils get encapsulated inside the foam bubbles, which prevents them from sinking back into the carpet. The carpet is allowed to dry completely, turning the captured dirt particles into dry granules. Afterward, everything is vacuumed up with HEPA vacuums.

5. Bonnet Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning is like wiping up dirt with a rag, except on a large scale. During cleaning, a large rotating brush is covered with a cotton bonnet. A shampoo solution is applied to the carpet while the spinning bonnet scrubs it. Dirt is absorbed from the carpet’s surface into the bonnet.

What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

As you can see, there are many modern carpet cleaning options for homes and apartments. What’s the best carpet cleaning method? The answer depends on several factors:

      • Thickness of carpet fibers
      • Type of carpet
      • Amount of dirt
      • Spots or stains
      • Drying time needed
      • Your budget
      • Green preferences
      • Moisture problems in the home

To help you make a smart decision, we’re going to review the pros and cons of each type of carpet cleaning. The best method to professionally clean carpets for commercial buildings is different because carpet fibers are much lower.

Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

This is often the best method to clean rugs and carpets for homeowners in Red River Valley. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning reaches deep into carpet fibers, so the results of cleaning last longer. There’s no residue left over for dirt to stick to.

This method provides a soft appearance afterward and leaves carpeting smelling fresh all the way through. It’s not just soil that disappears, but germs, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens, too. We use green detergent to remove dirt and grime. This is an environmentally friendly cleaning option that’s safe for children and pets.

The only downside of hot water extraction is that it requires more water for the cleaning and rinsing phases. Air drying takes longer. To speed up drying times, our team uses industrial air movers or dehumidifiers.

Pros and Cons of Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Carpet shampooing does a good job of loosening dirt and body oils from the carpet. Rinsing gets rid of much of the shampoo, so there’s no residue on the surface to attract dirt. On the other hand, shampoo foams don’t reach far down, and some foam may be left behind. Shampooing is only practical for carpets with a low pile.

Things To Consider About Dry Carpet Cleaning

This modern carpet cleaning solution offers several benefits. It’s practically dry, so it’s great for cleaning in a hurry. For example, dry carpet cleaning can save you from embarrassment if you have relatives coming unexpectedly and your carpets need cleaning.

That said, the chemicals needed can have a strong smell. They’re not always the right choice for families with babies or pets. If you have allergies, you probably want to skip this option.

Advantages of Foam/Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

If you have a carpet with a low pile, this method can deliver excellent results with minimal water usage. It costs roughly the same as hot water extraction carpet cleaning, so it’s mainly a question of drying times. Encapsulation can also be helpful for homes that are having problems with excess moisture or mold. Unfortunately, foam cleaning doesn’t work for thicker carpets because the powder can’t reach deep enough into the fibers.

Downsides of Bonnet Cleaning

Honestly, we simply can’t recommend bonnet cleaning for families in Red River Valley. Sure, it’s a cheap option, but it hurts your carpet more than it helps. In fact, bonnet cleaning may even void your carpet’s warranty.

This method tends to damage fibers. Even worse, all it does is push most of the dirt further into your carpet. The leftover residue turns your carpet into a big sponge that attracts tons of dirt afterward. In just a short time, your carpet looks as dirty as before. Avoid this type of cheap carpet cleaning.

Why Are Professional Services Always the Best Method for Carpet Cleaning?

When you choose the best carpet cleaning method with carpet experts, you get carpets that look beautiful and stay that way for ages. Your family enjoys better indoor air quality and comfort. Your decor looks more vibrant. Our carpet cleaning professionals know how to get your carpets and area rugs stunningly clean every time.

At Steamatic of Red River Valley, we can help you choose the right carpet cleaning method for your family’s needs. If you need emergency carpet cleaning for an unexpected mess or water damage from flooding, all you have to do is ask. We’re available 24/7 to help. Contact us in North Dakota today to learn more.




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