Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

The weather is warming up. Flowers are blossoming all over. The birds are out of their nests, and your home still feels like it can’t let go of winter. 

In many American homes, spring cleaning is an annual ritual that allows homeowners to tidy up their homes and bring a fresh breath of warmth into the house. However, your cleaning can get daunting and exhaustive when you’re just rummaging from room to room with no clear guide. 

Fortunately, home cleaning doesn’t have to be laborious. With a cleaning checklist and a few hands on deck, you can sail through the ritual without breaking a sweat. Whether you prefer to clean from the basement up or start inside and wind up outdoors, it’s imperative to work with a realistic schedule or request Steamatic of Red River Valley residential cleaning services if you’re short on time and want to wind up the exercise quickly. 

With this in mind, let’s explore why a spring cleaning checklist is your ultimate go-to guide for a deep-cleaning home experience.

Why You Should Have a Spring Cleaning List

Many people consider doing their cleaning right off the bat. Unfortunately, following this strategy can only get you so far before things turn for the worse. For this reason, working with a proven spring cleaning list provides the following benefits:

  •   Keeps you organized: You can quickly identify which area to start with and where to wind up.
  •   Declutter: Using a spring cleaning checklist makes it easy to identify what you need to dispose of and what to keep.
  •   Allows prioritization: Doing a pre-cleaning survey a day or two before starting cleaning enables you to identify spots requiring more cleaning attention.
  •   Tools: List all the cleaning tools you’ll require and highlight what’s needed, where, and when.

All Room Spring Cleaning List

Using a comprehensive room cleaning checklist provides immense flexibility. In most cases, you want to start with the everyday tasks that apply to all rooms. Once this is out of the way, move room to room for intense cleaning.

For rooms with plenty of windows, ensure to vacuum the curtains and the blinds, and remember to open the windows to allow air circulation. Pay close attention when cleaning the carpets to remove any unwanted odor or dust.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning the kitchen can be troublesome; too many hidden areas require a more in-depth cleaning. For this reason, focus on appliances first before cleaning countertops and sinks. Remember, a kitchen countertop is likely the most used area, and germs could lurk underneath. Steamatic of Red River Valley provides floor and countertop cleaning to ensure your surfaces stay neat and sparkly.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Like other rooms in your house, open the windows and let that bedroom breathe. Moving the bed aside to clean up underneath it, freshen your mattress by stripping the sheets, rotating the mattress, spraying it with a freshener, or sprinkling it with baking soda. Toss all the bedding in the washing machine for a good wash, or take your comforter or duvet and pillows to the dry cleaners. Go through your clothes, and donate things you no longer wear. Don’t forget to dust any ceiling fans, lights, lampshades, televisions, and other furniture and decor.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your bathroom is likely the most visited room in the house. In our 20+ years of being in the residential cleaning industry, we’ve found out most allergens and ‘diseases’ are likely hiding in the bathroom. Start by scrubbing the bathroom and the shower and ensure to wash the toilet and the inner area under the toilet seat.

Smaller Area & Outdoor Spring-Cleaning List

The living room and the home office areas are the heart of the house. Ensure to vacuum the cushions and disinfect your tech accessories such as the keyboard. Regarding outdoor areas, give your window screens a clean scrub and deep wash any outdoor furniture.

Spring Cleaning Services Near Me

Establishing cleaning habits is essential to ensure your home stays clean and healthy. These habits will make the next spring cleaning a breeze down the road. Remember that Steamatic of Red River Valley provides flexible residential cleaning services if you require extra hands.

Contact us today to schedule residential cleaning in Fargo, ND.

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