When to Get a Cleaning Service for Hoarders?

When to get a Cleaning Service for Hoarders?

Hoarding is a serious problem, and it requires serious hoarding cleaning services. Whether there’s a lot of clutter from years of collecting and holding onto things or you’re tackling a severe hoarding issue with years of decay, professional cleaning services for hoarders are essential to restore rooms and whole homes back to their original condition. At Steamatic of Red River Valley, we provide more than cleaning services, trash disposal, and dusting. We provide comprehensive steam cleaning and property restoration to get rid of clutter and hoarded possessions for good.

When Hoarding Becomes a Hazard

Hoarding can evolve from collecting and saving things you might need in the future, or a compulsion not to let physical objects go. However, hoarding differs from collecting and clutter because it can become dangerous. Signs of hoarding that has become a hazard include:

It’s a Fire Hazard

Most hoarded goods are flammable, such as newspapers, books, clothing, and tightly packed boxes of memorabilia. When hoarded goods fill up a room or are compactly stacked together, they can act like tinder in the event of a fire, quickly filling the whole room or house with flames. Severe hoarding situations can even mean doorways and staircases are blocked, stopping people from safely exiting the home in the event of a house fire.

Rot and Pests Can Infest Hoarded Goods

Hoarding becomes a hazard when hoards become a site of infestation. Roaches, silverfish, and rodents can live in cluttered homes, finding plenty of shelter and even food in the belongings of hoarders. Not only are the pests themselves dangerous to the home and its occupants, but waste and nest sites can fill the home with dangerous pathogens.

Hoarding can also lead to rot and mildew. When tightly stacked belongings don’t get enough ventilation, they hold onto moisture and mold. This can fill rooms with mold, mildew, and respiratory irritants that cause severe respiratory distress.

Falls and Difficulty Moving Due to Clutter

Eventually, hoarding can take up all available space, leaving narrow hallways to navigate between stacks and piles. This environment presents several trip hazards, which can be dangerous for elderly occupants because slips and falls increase the risk of severe injury. People can even get buried in belongings or get injured if the belongings fall on them.

If you see any signs, schedule cleaning services for hoarders to start tackling the problem.

How Professionals Can Help

Can you hire someone to clean a hoarder’s house? Professional cleaners offer comprehensive decluttering and hoard cleanup services. If you want to clean your home or manage the estate of someone who suffered from hoarding, Steamatic of Red River Valley can help. Our hoarding cleaning services include:

Trash Cleanup and Disposal

Professionals can gather, contain, and dispose of large volumes of trash from hoarder homes as part of hoarding house cleaning services. The mass removal of newspapers, trash, and other items will clear out space for in-depth cleaning and make the property immediately safer. Our team will gather the trash and remove it for off-site disposal.

Mold Remediation

Mold and mildew are big risks in hoarder homes. Our team can professionally clean up and remediate mold, restore destroyed surfaces and remove sources of moisture and contaminants.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning the walls, floors, countertops, and air ducts can remove pathogens, airborne debris, and odors in the aftermath of hoarding.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, fabric window treatments, and furniture can absorb stains and smells from hoarded collections. Our team can clean and steam porous furnishings and fixtures to remove stains, odors, and mildew.

What to Do Right Now

Hoarding can quickly become dangerous, and the best step forward is to make an appointment for professional cleaning services for hoarders immediately. However, in serious hoarding situations, it’s also important to communicate with family members or residents who are hoarders. Seriously discuss the dangers and inform them that you’ve scheduled a hoarder house cleaning appointment.

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Steamatic of Red River Valley is here to help when you need to salvage a home or property from dangerous hoarding. We provide comprehensive cleaning and disposal to make the home safe and clean again. Reach out today to tell us what you’re looking for and to schedule a hoarding cleaning services appointment

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