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Should You Shampoo Carpets Here’s Why, When, and How!

Updated: January 27, 2024

Though your carpet may look clean, it’s likely home to a host of dust, mold, and bacteria particles. This filth may simply be out of sight, out of mind — until it starts impacting your health. The debris that lives in your carpet can make its way into your respiratory system, leaving you vulnerable to a range of illnesses. Eliminating this filth requires much more than a quick vacuuming, though, so what are you to do? Carpet cleaning and shampooing is one of the best ways to address this problem. Read on with Steamatic of Red River Valley to learn “how often should I shampoo my carpet?”

How Often Should You Shampoo Your Carpet?

How often should you shampoo your carpet? Is it bad to clean your carpets often? These are common questions for homeowners who are considering a carpet shampoo for the first time, and the answers depend on factors such as traffic, the presence of pets, and air quality. 

How often should you shampoo carpets? Consider the following specific questions and answers to learn.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets With Kids?

Kids are notoriously messy, and their antics can result in stains and spills on a carpet. If you experience such a mishap, it’s best to try and prevent a stain by cleaning the area immediately. A household with kids can benefit from biannual deep carpet cleaning appointments to prevent any such stains from becoming permanent.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets With Pets?

Pets can be just as destructive as kids, if not more so! You should vacuum your carpet regularly to prevent pet hair and dander from becoming embedded. Additionally, pet owners can benefit from having their carpet professionally deep-cleaned at least three times per year. If your pet struggles with potty training, you may even want to schedule cleanings four times a year to ensure that stains don’t leave a permanent mark and odor.

How Often to Clean Carpets With Allergies?

If you suffer from allergies, the presence of dust and dander can be torturous. Unfortunately, these particles tend to linger within carpeting if you don’t proactively take steps to eliminate them. To do so, you should shampoo your carpet every three or four months. This can prevent allergens from accumulating in your carpeting and triggering a painful allergic reaction, and it massively improves the overall air quality of your home, too.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets With Smokers?

Smoking isn’t just detrimental to your health. It’s also detrimental to your home, including your carpeting. Smoking damages carpeting by leaving carcinogenic tobacco residue embedded throughout the carpet’s fibers. This causes the smell to linger, and it can irritate anybody who visits your home. To get rid of carpet damage that has been caused by smoking, you should shampoo carpets every three to six months.

When to Clean Light Colored Carpets

The lighter the color of your carpet, the harder it will be to keep it looking clean. Darker carpets, of course, are not any cleaner than lighter carpets — they simply mask the appearance of dirt more effectively. If you would like to keep light-colored carpets looking pristine for as long as possible, you can do so by scheduling shampoo sessions every four to six months.

Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Now that you know the importance of deep cleaning your carpet, the question is…when will you find the time? Remember that carpet shampooing involves preparation, application, and waiting for the carpet to dry. We are experts of carpet cleaning in the state of North Dakota. If this sounds overwhelming, consider enlisting a professional carpet cleaner to take care of the job. A professional can offer an array of benefits, including the following.

Dangerous Particles Are Destroyed

The aforementioned dander and dust aren’t the only particles that tend to make a home out of your carpet. Other more dangerous particles can also lurk within the fibers. A professional cleaner is equipped to apply an antimicrobial treatment that effectively kills these dangerous particles and ensures that you won’t be at risk of inhaling them. A treatment like this can eliminate mold, mildew, and yeast — all of which can pose a potential health threat.

Rugs Will Look and Smell Good

The aesthetic benefits of a rug shampoo cannot be overlooked. When your carpets are professionally cleaned, your rugs will simply look and smell better than before. Vacuuming simply can’t match the results of a deep cleaning shampoo treatment for your carpet, and you’ll see why when you invest in shampooing for the first time.

Extend Your Carpet’s Life

Regular maintenance is the key to extending the lifespan of any part of your home. This principle includes your carpet. When you invest in carpet shampooing, you’re extending its lifetime by ensuring that dirt never has the chance to become permanently embedded in fibers. Professional cleaning utilizes retreatment chemicals that are fluorochemical based so that your carpet is refreshed every time it’s shampooed.

How to Keep Carpets Clean Between Shampooing

Shampooing your carpet regularly will go a long way in preserving its appearance and appeal…but how do you keep carpets clean between shampoo sessions? There are a few strategies you can employ to ensure that your carpeting looks fresh and bright even when you’re a few months removed from your most recent cleaning:

  • Cover high-traffic areas with a beautiful area rug
  • Immediately address any spills that occur
  • Use a carpet rake to remove lint, dirt, and hair
  • Use an air purifier to remove contaminants in the air

These tips can help you keep your carpet looking great before and after shampooing. Remember to schedule a deep clean at least every six months!

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Fargo

Professional deep clean carpet shampooing is one of the best weapons against the irritants and allergens that are likely hiding in your carpet’s fibers. If you want to get rid of these particles for good and restore the appearance of your carpet in the process, shampooing is the way to go — and Steamatic of the Red River Valley is the name to trust. Call us at (701) 746-1856 or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment.

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