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Holiday Preparation Tips

For most people, getting ready for the holidays means preparing for holiday guests. You may be planning to throw a holiday bash, host a semi-formal dinner party, or welcome friends and family staying over for the holidays. You also want your holiday decorations to stand out in a beautiful and otherwise spotless home. This all boils down to a single truth: it’s time to clean.

Holiday preparation always starts with a serious cleaning wave. The aftermath of holiday celebrations also tends to involve a fair amount of cleanup. Here at Steamatic of Red River Valley, cleaning is our specialty. We have more than a few insights and helpful services to make your holiday preparations and before-and-after holiday cleaning easier this year.

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

Cleaning to prepare for holiday decorations and guests can be a joyful experience. It’s a great time to turn up the holiday music and re-envision your home as a place of holiday wonder and cheer. Here are a few smart steps for holiday cleaning before your guests arrive.

Tidy Clutter to Make Way for Holiday Decor

Give your everyday household clutter a home for the holidays. Tidy paperwork and writing utensils into a tray where they are most used. Assign cube storage for larger items that can be put away, or arrange toys artfully in baskets where they are most often played. Clutter with a home leaves clear spaces for holiday decor. Those beautiful open surfaces are ready for winter floral arrangements or model train houses.

Make the Guest Beds & Decorate to Match

Welcoming holiday guests, start by making a warm, welcoming bed with colorful sheets and pillowcases. Add a spare set of sheets in the closet and match each guest room decor using the bed as your centerpiece. Leave a small toy or gift on the pillows to make your guests feel extra welcome.

Polish Every Surface from Top to Bottom

Whip out our cleaning rags and polish everything you can reach. This time of year is a great time to tackle the walls, cabinets, doors and handles, window glass, and the wood elements of your furniture – not just the countertops and fixtures. Use a soap or furniture polish that also makes your home smell nice.

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The Little Touches of Holiday Hospitality

Finally, it’s the little touches that make the biggest difference. Lay out small pieces of decor on every surface. Little bowls of dried spices, a festive throw blanket on every chair, and ribbons around the stair banisters are a delight to you and your holiday guests.

Cleaning After the Holidays

Of course, once your guests depart, there is an entirely different cleaning project ahead of you. There may be new stains on your carpet or scuffs on your hardwood. You can tackle these cleaning tasks solo, but if hosting has left you exhausted. In need of a break, Steamatic of Red River Valley can ensure that the aftermath of your beloved guests is quickly erased with professional cleaning and restoration in Grand Forks and Fargo.

Carpet Cleaning

There are a wide variety of holiday treats that can stain a carpet. Cranberry, punch, eggnog, tomato sauce, and holiday candies can, at any moment, land on your carpet. With Steamatic in your back pocket, you can smile beatifically at your apologetic guest and assure them everything is fine. Steam cleaning and professional carpet cleaning services can ensure that after holiday cleaning, your carpet is stain-free.

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Hard Surface Cleaning

Do your hardwood floors need special care after the holiday festivities of scraping chairs or visiting pets? No problem. Need the guest bathroom made spotlessly beautiful before or after your guest’s stay? We’ve got you covered; hard surface cleaning services include professional hardwood care, showers, counters, tile, and grout. Steamatic will make your hard surfaces shine.

Residential Cleaning

Not everybody has the time or energy to clean their house from top to bottom before and after holiday guests. You can count on Steamatic for Grand-Forks and Fargo home cleaning services if you need professional residential cleaning. We’ll tackle the deep corners, the tough stains, and those special care tasks like yearly furniture waxing on your behalf.

Furniture Cleaning

Well-loved furniture always picks up a few stains and scuffs over time, but these marks of love don’t have to be permanent. With a pro team like Steamatic of Red River Valley on your side, you can restore the upholstery or wood finish of any furniture starting to look shabby before the holidays or may have taken some extra love during your holiday festivities. Post-holiday furniture cleaning is only a call away.

Professional House Cleaning When You Need It in Grand Forks & Fargo

Whether preparing your home for the holidays or cleaning up after your guests depart, holiday cleaning is a big part of hosting around this time of year. If your schedule is too packed for DIY deep cleaning, or you could use the help of energetic professionals to tackle the tough holiday cleaning tasks, Steamatic of Red River Valley is proud to provide. Contact us today for professional house cleaning services in Grand Forks & Fargo.




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