Why is Black Stuff Coming Out of My AC Vents? Is it Mold?

Updated: May 15, 2024 Regular cleaning is when we’re supposed to notice squeaky hinges, leaky faucets, and other little details that require attention. However, one issue that often forms a mystery is why there is black stuff on your air conditioner vents. The vents in each room should be blowing clean, cooled, or heated air …

keep carpets smelling fresh

Simple Ideas to Keep Your Carpet Smelling Good and Fresh

Updated: March 25, 2024 Nobody likes a gross carpet. Musty-smelling carpets are both unpleasant and dangerous. They make your home smell unpleasant and may also pollute your indoor air with mold spores. Have you spent countless hours getting your carpet to smell fresh, but nothing is working? Learn how to remove those odors with Steamatic …

Woman Cleaning Tile Floor with a swiffer

How do you Deep Clean Tile Floors? What is the Best Way?

Updated: March 25, 2024 Carpet’s tendency to trap dirt, mold, and allergens is often a motivation for homeowners to choose flooring options such as laminate, hardwood, or tile. If you’ve opted for the latter of these, it’s certainly less likely to trap environmental allergens than a rug, but tile requires periodic deep cleaning nonetheless. How …

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