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When things are going as planned, most people don’t stop to think about what a cleaning and restoration company has to offer in case of a disaster. Unfortunately, after a catastrophic event, it’s difficult to focus on the next steps. Moorhead, MN, and the great Fargo area residents know they can count on Steamatic of Red River Valley to quickly assess and begin all necessary restoration work as quickly as possible after a disaster. With a knowledgeable and friendly team that always strives to put the needs of the customer first, Steamatic of Red River Valley can take the burden of cleaning and restoration off of you so you can focus on moving forward.


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Cleaning Services in Moorhead, MN

Whether you call in the Steamatic of Red River Valley cleaning team to perform a residential cleaning on a regular schedule or need to have your home or business cleaned after a specific event, the experienced crew always provides superior service with a customer-centric focus. 

Residential Cleaning of Moorhead

Let the cleaning specialists as Steamatic of Red River Valley take care of your Moorhead residence or office with regularly scheduled cleaning sessions. Alternatively, you can schedule a one-time cleaning before a big event or guests come to stay or before you move to a new location. 

Textile Cleaning in Moorhead

Furniture , rugs, and other textiles are no match for the commercial-grade cleaning systems used by Steamatic. The technicians know which products to use to ensure your items are not color-damaged and the no harmful residue is left behind. 

Flooring and Hard Surface Cleaning in Moorhead

Cleaning your hardwoods, tile, glass, and other hard surfaces is a breeze with the products and tools used by the Steamatic crew. Knowing which formulas are safe for each type of surface can be tricky, so that’s why each member of the team is well-trained and experienced before performing a service. 

HVAC and Ductwork Cleaning around Moorhead

In addition to being a fire hazard, any type of dirty ductwork in your home can make the associated systems work less efficiently. With regular, thorough cleanings, you can extend the life of your systems and reduce the need for unwanted, surprise repairs. 

Fine Valuable Cleaning in Moorhead

Although Steamatic of Red River Valley can clean the majority of your household or office belongings, some fine valuables need specialized care . If a technician knows an item needs an expert, arrangements can be made with a Fargo-area professional who can assist you. 

Post-Damage Cleaning in Moorhead

After a catastrophic event, restoration services are needed to bring your home back to pre-event condition. Before your belongings are moved back in, everything needs to be properly cleaned. A deep cleaning after construction is also a good idea to remove any remaining construction residue. 

Restoration Services in Moorhead, MN

Although Steamatic of Red River Valley provides Moorhead residents with cleaning services on an as-needed or repeat basis, there are times when more advanced services are also needed. A catastrophic event, such as severe weather, flooding, or a fire, can cause lasting damage to your home or business and require full restoration services. The team is ready to respond quickly to keep the downtime out of your residence at a minimum. 

Initial Assessment and Analysis

As soon as possible after a disaster event, the Steamatic team arrives onsite to assess the damage, determine which items can be salvaged, and create a restoration plan. Depending on the extent of the damage, the process of restoring your items can begin on your property, or the belongings can be inventoried and taken to secure storage. 

Removal of Salvageable Items

In most cases, your salvageable items are carefully inventoried and moved to temperature-controlled, off-site storage until they are restored and returned to your property. Most of your belongings are restored by specialists on the Steamatic team, while some antiques, art, or other specialty items may be referred out to specific experts. 

Reconstruction and Restoration

Some areas of your property likely need to be removed to correct the damage sustained during a disaster event. Any drywall that has been water-damaged needs to be removed, and the exposed structural components must be treated to avoid mold growth. After damaged areas are removed, the team implements the restoration plan, including rebuilding structures, mold remediation, and other restoration techniques. The Steamatic professionals work well with contractors and other construction personnel to help you achieve the best result. 

Project Completion

After your structure restoration is complete, your cleaned and restored personal items are returned to your property. A final inspection ensures you are completely satisfied with your results and any additional changes are discussed and then implemented. A project is never complete until the customer is happy. 

Why Choose Steamatic of Red River Valley? 

Moorhead, MN, residents and anyone in the Fargo area can count on Steamatic of Red River Valley to provide high-quality, customer-focused restoration and cleaning services for projects big and small. The company has more than two decades of cleaning and restoration experience in the area and strives to provide excellence in customer service to every client. For more information about the available services or to schedule an initial appointment for assessment of your property, contact Steamatic of Red River Valley today.


“I used Steamatic for both Business and Personal use within one week and had a great experience. From the start, everything went smoothly, and there was never a hesitant feeling. All employees I dealt with were kind, friendly, efficient, and hard working. You know the employees care because of the follow up calls to see how things went, which is reassuring. I will definitely be using Steamatic again in the future!!”

— Melinda H.


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