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Dealing with a catastrophic event that causes destruction to your residence is never easy. When assessing the damage and beginning the cleanup process, finding a trustworthy restoration company is essential. At Steamatic of the Red River Valley, the goal is to restore your home or business to its condition before the disaster took place. In Detroit Lakes, MN, you can put your trust in Steamatic to handle the entire process, from initial cleanup to complete restoration of the property. 


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The Restoration Services Process

Homes and businesses needing restoration have usually just experienced some sort of disaster, whether it’s a fire, tornado, flood, or another catastrophic event. The type of damage experienced and the specifics of the house or office building determine the restoration response since no two properties are just the same. The general process follows the same path, regardless of the type of damage. 


The beginning of the restoration process involves gaining access to your residence or office building. Either you or your insurance company can reach out to Steamatic of the Red River Valley to give the team permission to enter the property. Before the team can complete any initial analysis or work, the area must be cleared for safety by emergency personnel. 


Upon arrival, the Steamatic team assesses and analyzes the property and the contents to create a customized restoration plan. For fires, this can mean removing areas that are fire damaged as well as damaged from smoke. For water damage, areas that are in danger of growing mold must be removed entirely, as well as the areas in the immediate vicinity. Contents that cannot be saved are cataloged for insurance purposes and discarded, while those that can be restored are usually inventoried and transferred off-site for cleaning. The exact plan and timeline vary depending on many factors, but the team will make sure to keep you informed of the necessary steps to getting your property back to pre-event condition. 


Your customized restoration process can involve fire and smoke damage removal, flood damage removal, mold remediation, and other projects. When you hire Steamatic of the Red River Valley to restore your Detroit Lakes, MN, property after the structure and contents have been assessed, the restoration is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing any quality. As your property is being reconstructed and secured, the contents are handled with care in temperature-controlled storage by certified restoration technicians. Any items that can be saved are cleaned and brought back onto the property after repairs have been completed. 


The final product doesn’t stop with the restoration. Before the restoration project is complete, the Steamatic of the Red River Valley professionals make sure you are satisfied with the results. The Steamatic team walks you through the services and makes sure they are consistent with the agreed-upon plan. If you have any concerns about the quality of work after you have returned to your residence or office, reach out to the Steamatic team for a resolution. 

The Cleaning Services Process

Whether you contact Steamatic of the Red River Valley after a disaster for restoration and cleanup or you want to have a general cleaning of your Detroit Lakes, MN, home, there is a solution for you. Knowledgeable with the care and handling of any of the contents of your home, the Steamatic team is always ready to provide excellent customer service and the highest quality results. 

Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Detroit Lakes, MN

After a catastrophic event, many carpets cannot be saved. Your area rugs may be able to be cleaned through careful disinfecting and deodorizing. The commercial-grade tools Steamatic uses to clean rug and carpet fibers can penetrate the deepest layers of the rug, allowing a more thorough and complete cleaning than traditional methods. 

Air Duct Cleaning in Detroit Lakes, MN

Your heating and air conditioning system can collect and circulate dust and other pollutants throughout your home. Steamatic flushes these pollutants from the system, leaving your home or office with improved air quality and improved efficiency of your HVAC system. 

Furniture Cleaning in Detroit Lakes, MN

Furniture with disaster damage can still be saved using industrial-strength cleaning and dry cleaning tools that refresh the fabric entirely. Even if you have not experienced an event, hiring the Steamatic team to clean your furniture can remove stains and smells that are embedded. 

Floor and Hard Surface Cleaning in Detroit Lakes, MN

Hard surfaces in your home can be found in the form of flooring, bathroom tile work, countertops, and glass surfaces. The Steamatic team is well-versed in handling different hard surfaces and can clean them thoroughly without risking damage. 

Full Residential Cleaning in Detroit Lakes, MN

Steamatic of the Red River Valley handles full residential cleaning in addition to post-disaster assistance. If you are interested in having your home professionally cleaned regularly or would prefer a one-time deep cleaning during move-in, move-out, or before guests arrive, Steamatic is ready to help. 

Cleaning and Restoration at Steamatic of the Red River Valley

Detroit Lakes, MN, residents can trust Steamatic of the Red River Valley for any restoration or cleaning service, from regular maintenance to full post-disaster recovery. To learn more about what the company offers, reach out to Steamatic of the Red River Valley today for more information or call us at (701) 232-4707. 

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stewart schanzenbach
stewart schanzenbach
I had them clean my duct work and dryer vent. Excellent job.
Edward Mayotte
Edward Mayotte
Air vent cleaning. Mike was very professional. We had our 7 year old granddaughter and he was very patient with her she had many questions for him. He did an excellent job!!
Kristie Adam
Kristie Adam
Steamatic was very responsive to our situation! Highly recommend them.
eric sjol
eric sjol
Excellent work done duct cleaning. Professional & explained every aspect of the service performed along with before and after pics. Cleaned up and put things back the way he found them. $50.00 discount coupon also. Highly recommend !!!
Elaine Ramstad
Elaine Ramstad
On time. Pleasant.Went beyond what I expected.Got a stain out a competitor could not.
Jodi Schroeder
Jodi Schroeder
John was on time, professional, and did an excellent job cleaning the carpets in 4 bedrooms and living room. Our 2 pieces of furniture looked brand new after he was done. I will for sure reach out to them again.
Dee Hodny
Dee Hodny
Friendly service man and explained to me what he was doing.
Rick Heine
Rick Heine
Steamatic of Grand Forks gave us an estimate to clean mold from the basement outside walls, the drywall and the studs in the basement of our house. They were highly professional, did the work in a timely manner and most importantly did an outstanding job. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a similar service.
Tracy Hemington
Tracy Hemington
We had our air exchangers and duct work cleaned before a new furnace install. Levi did a great job! He was on time, professional, polite and knew exactly what he was doing. He even cleaned up when the job was finished! Great company and great work ethic!

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