Steamatic of Red River Valley is here to provide a variety of restoration and cleaning services to Casselton, North Dakota residents. Our team of professionals comes equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and experience to tackle everything from routine cleaning to recovery from an unfortunate disaster.

It’s not just what we do that makes us different. It’s also how we do it. We prioritize our customers’ needs above all else to ensure they’re left satisfied with our work.

Professional Cleaning and Restoration Services in Casselton, ND

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning in Casselton

Rugs are particularly difficult for some to clean due to the way they accumulate dirt, dust, and stains. We use a proprietary system that includes truck-mounted steam cleaning. We’ll pre-vacuum, treat stains and particularly dirty areas using commercial grade emulsifiers and buffers, use hot water extractors, then wrap everything up with a steam cleaning. This process cleans, deodorizes, and sanitizes your rugs and carpets.

Furniture Cleaning in Casselton, ND

With its variety of fabrics and materials, Furniture can be quick to gather debris, odors, and stains. We’ll use our equipment to clean your furniture right in your home by steaming, dry cleaning, and removing stains. We can treat cotton, leather, linen, microfiber, polyester, and linen.

Hard Surface Cleaning in Casselton

Hard surfaces, like glass, hardwood, natural stone, and tile and grout, can discolor, harbor bacteria, and otherwise get dirty quickly. We’ll inspect your surfaces to determine the best equipment and methods to clean your surfaces. Our primary method involves steaming, which kills bacteria and mold, then sealing the surface to create a protective barrier against dirt.

HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning in Casselton, ND

The indoor air quality of your home or business can have a major effect on your health. Ducts can fill with dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen, which are then blasted into every room with a vent. Our team will use a diagnostic camera to identify any major issues within your HVAC system then use a HEPA filtration system to clean the ductwork.

Pack Out On-Site Cleaning in Casselton

The stress of dealing with a disaster that renders your home unlivable can be insurmountable. Spare yourself the emotional work of going through your damaged belongings by calling our team to help. We can safely and securely store your personal belongings then quickly get to work recovering, repairing, and restoring any damaged items.

Art & Document Recovery in Casselton, ND

We partner with The Conservation Center, world-class experts in art restoration, to recover art and documents damaged by smoke, fire, and water. Our partners employ modern techniques and tools to help restore artwork, antiques, books, photographs, and textiles to their original appearance. They can also help with essential documents, like medical records or historical records.

Content Recovery in Casselton

After a disaster, our team can inspect your home or business to help find things that can be packed, cleaned, and restored. This includes items like furniture, office equipment, paperwork, and rugs. Our categorization and organization system ensures your privacy, so you don’t have to fear the loss of important documents. We’ll then get to work removing, cleaning, and restoring.

Electronics Restoration in Casselton, ND

Electronics can be especially vulnerable to fire, smoke, and water. Our team can help restore a wide range of electronics equipment, such as computers, data servers, research equipment, and other commercial or industrial tools. We will not only work to restore their functionality, but we’ll also decontaminate and sanitize them.

Fire & Smoke Restoration in Casselton

Our team can get to your home and business quickly after a fire to begin assessing damage, ensuring structural integrity, and cleaning both on-site and off. As fires are usually treated with water, we’ll work on drying out your home or office and then treat it to prevent mildew or mold growth.

Water Damage Restoration in Casselton, ND

Water damage can have a lingering impact on a structure. Whether it’s a minor appliance leak or a major flood, we’ll get to work assessing the damage to create a treatment plan. First, we’ll remove any remaining water. We’ll then start dehumidifying and drying your home to keep humidity levels low. Finally, we’ll use our advanced tools and methods to sanitize the area and restore damaged items.

Wind & Tornado Restoration in Casselton

North Dakotans are no stranger to strong winds and tornados. Our recovery team is capable of handling large-loss catastrophes. We’ll arrive once it’s safe to do so, coordinate with first responders and your insurance company, then employ our restoration and recovery techniques to repair what we can.

Dehumidification in Casselton, ND3

If you’re dealing with unexpected humidity in your home or at work, you may have an unnoticed water leak or another surprising issue. Our team can inspect the area, create an effective plan, and then dry and dehumidify any affected spaces.

Mold Remediation in Casselton

The growth of mold can be hazardous, especially in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and nursing homes. Our team uses modern tools and techniques to find the mold and sanitize the area. We can work in a variety of settings, from the healthcare settings listed above to homes and businesses.

Steamatic of Red River Valley

Steamatic separates itself from its competitors by employing knowledgeable, professional technicians, using advanced tools and techniques, and focusing on our customers’ satisfaction above all else. Whether you need an emergency service or a routine one, we’re here to help. Call us today.


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