Dealing with a catastrophic event that causes destruction to your residence is never easy. When assessing the damage and beginning the cleanup process, finding a trustworthy restoration company is essential. At Steamatic of the Red River Valley, the goal is to restore your home or business to its condition before the disaster took place. In Mapleton, ND, you can put your trust in Steamatic to handle the entire process, from initial cleanup to complete restoration of the property. 


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No one wants to call on the services of a restoration company, but in the unfortunate event that you experience a catastrophic event affecting your property, you can put your trust in the experts at Steamatic of the Red River Valley. Known in Mapleton, ND, for high-quality results and excellence in customer service, the Steamatic team can guide you through the restoration process, starting with an initial assessment and finishing with a result that makes your home or business look like the event never took place.

Cleaning Services in Mapleton, ND

After an emergency, such as severe weather, fire, or flood, your home or office may become damaged and need professional cleaning services to salvage as many belongings as possible. A post-event crew creates a custom cleaning and restoration plan to fit the needs of your specific situation. When your property needs renovations after an event, it makes sense to remove the belongings that can be saved to another location for cleaning and safekeeping until the job is complete. Steamatic of the Red River Valley offers a variety of cleaning services in the Mapleton, ND, area to serve as many customers and situations as possible. 

After-Event Cleaning in Mapleton

In the case of a catastrophic event, Steamatic restoration specialists handle the construction and rebuilding of damaged areas. Before restoration can take place, your items must be removed. After the rebuilding is complete but before your items are returned, a thorough post-construction cleaning prepares your home or office for occupation once again. 

Furniture, Rug, and Carpet Cleaning around Mapleton, ND

After a disaster event, you may think your furniture, rugs, and carpet are a lost cause. While it’s true that some items may be damaged beyond repair and others may have the potential for mold growth, the industrial-strength cleaning equipment at Steamatic of the Red River Valley can often work miracles on your belongings. Even if you have not had recent damage, the Steamatic team can clean, deodorize, and refresh your furniture and rugs to make them more attractive and fresh once again.

Duct Cleaning in Mapleton

The air quality in your home can be dependent upon the buildup of debris in your HVAC system. This is especially true after construction has taken place since even the most diligent workers cannot prevent the circulation of construction dust through a system. Cleaning the ductwork can be one of the final steps after a restoration project or requested as a regular part of your home or business maintenance. Other types of ducts in your home, such as dryer vents, should be cleaned regularly since lint buildup is a fire hazard and can make your dryer run less efficiently. 

Special Item Cleaning in Mapleton, ND

When your belongings are removed from the home or office for cleaning and safekeeping until they can be moved back in, most items can be easily cleaned using the specialized equipment and techniques used by the Steamatic team. Some specialty items, however, may need more care than the standard post-event cleaning. Antiques and fine art are examples of possessions that may need specialized restoration and cleaning. Steamatic of the Red River Valley maintains relationships with specialists in these restoration areas, so you can be sure that your precious items are handled carefully and correctly. 

Residential Cleaning Services of Mapleton

Many individuals choose to hire a cleaning service to handle the general cleaning of the home or office. Whether you prefer to have a sparkling clean residence on a regular basis or prefer to manage the day-to-day yourself but would like a one-time deep clean, Steamatic of the Red River Valley has got you covered. 

Restoration Services in Mapleton, ND

If your home is in need of restoration, whether due to a recent disaster or because it is well overdue for an overhaul, the professionals at Steamatic of the Red River Valley are ready to help. The team has extensive experience with renovations big and small and is always prepared to service your home or business quickly after an emergency. The restoration process follows the same general steps, though the specifics vary according to the level and type of damage to your property. 

Initial Inspection

After the disaster event, the speed of initial contact with Steamatic of the Red River Valley is important. This allows the team to come and complete an initial inspection to see the extent of the damage. 

Plan of Action

The Steamatic team develops a plan of action based on the observations during the initial inspection. It could involve removing small areas of damage or completely rebuilding certain areas. 

Damage Removal

Any damaged areas are removed along with the items inside the space. Some items cannot be saved, while others are inventoried and moved to a secure location. 

Repair and Restoration

The longest part of the process is the repair work. Some damage requires extensive rebuilding, while others only need smaller corrections such as drywall and flooring. 

Cleaning and Returning Belongings

After the repairs are completed, your cleaned belongings are returned to the space. All items were in temperature-controlled storage awaiting return. 

Final Inspection

Before the final sign-off on the restoration project, the property is inspected a final time. Your complete satisfaction marks the closure of the process. 

Choose Steamatic of the Red River Valley

When it comes to cleaning and restoring your Mapleton, ND, home or office after a catastrophic event, no one gets the job done like Steamatic. For any of your cleaning or restoration needs, contact Steamatic of the Red River Valley for more information.

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