Steamatic of the Red River Valley Residential and Commercial Services

Job Vacancies

Employment Application pdf (click here)

At Steamatic of Fargo and Grand Forks, we are looking for dedicated employees who have the desire to help people in crisis – as Floods and Fire’s often are, as well as make their homes and businesses clean and healthy. If this sounds like you, contact us today for an application.

Steamatic of the Red River Valley values our customers and our employees. We offer great benefits including a 4 day work week. Below are the core values that all of our employees stand for and adhere to.

Core Values:
Truth: All decisions are based on the facts. We are honest and open with ourselves and others.

Character &Integrity: We always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Teamwork: When we work as a team we can achieve perfection.

Respect: We will respect ourselves and others.At all times we will treat others and their property as we would want to be treated.

Leadership: We will develop others and innovate our processes at all times. We realize that attitude is a reflection of leadership.

Humble: We appreciate our success and help others achieve success.

Vision: We are committed to change and will continue to innovate our business systems.

Courage: We will take on any challenge provided to us.

Strength: Together as a team we are strong and can accomplish great things.

Work Ethic: We will always out work and out hustle our competition.

Commitment: We demand it first from ourselves then from others.

Passion: We love what we do and we will give our customers 110% at all times